Triangle Pouch Pods Perfect For Left Over Layer Cake Squares

Triangle Pouch Pods Open Wide To Easily Access Wonder Clips And Accessories.

These triangle pouch pods feel nice nestled in the palm of your hand. Just 2 zippers and left over layer cakes, or 10″ squares will make a perfect pair for sewing accessories, and especially Wonder clips. The pouches measure 3″ x 6″, a good size for tucking into small spaces. Using bright colors makes them easy to spot. Make a pile to fill with sewing accessories and throw them all in a basket.



Bright pink and white florals with an aqua blue zipper for buttons, and pink and orange florals with green plaid and a lime zipper for the wonder clips… they’re great for almost anything, and in any color you like. These neat little colorful triangle pouch pods piled into a basket are so pretty in the sewing room. Everyone will want to pick one up and look inside.

sweetpea pods

Once un-zipped, the opening is wide and the pod stays open to see everything inside right away. Makes easy access so you can reach in and take out what you need.

triangle zipper pouch with one sided zipper

A great little afternoon project. 10 inch squares are all that is needed. The project for left overs from layer cakes tossed into the scrap bag. Use the easy ‘one zipper’ technique to create a loop in the zipper. Make a stack of them as retreater gifts. Any quilting or sewing enthusiast will love you for a couple of these. Toss one into your sewing bag with a window for a sewing weekend away. It’s that time of year when you feel like sorting out and setting up the sewing room, and the pods are perfect for bitty little things that get dropped into a drawer, never to be seen again.

zipper pouch with split zipper

Sewing aside, these neat little triangle pouches are handy for trinkets and anything else you would like to keep safe. Makes a lovely gift as a jewelry travel pouch, or even a purse for small change. They’re so handy to have around and even beginners can make them. For a welcomed sewing gift, fill with wonder clips!