New Quilt Purse Pattern Very Stylish

New Quilt Purse Pattern You Will Use Over And Over.

Use this quilt purse pattern to create your own style. I loved the colors of this one. When you start matching up fabric for this quilted purse pattern, a lot of choices suddenly open up in as much as completely modernising this purse for a very stylish look. Use pin stripe fabric, make it bold. What a lovely gift too.

At first, you will have to take a good look at this quilt purse pattern to figure out how the stitching works out. I finally got it right and it all made sense. I made up a paper try out as the quilt purse pattern did not have complete instructions. I will try and put it across as clearly as I can. Here goes…

To make this size quilt purse…
quilt purse pattern size

-Cut 16 x 3cm hexagons from fusible interfacing.
-Iron the hexagons on to the wrong side of your chosen fabrics, usually 2 hexagons per fabric choice.

fusible facing for quilt purse pattern
-Cut the hexagon shapes out of your fabric, cutting by just eye balling 1cm border all around the hexagon.

quilt purse pattern arrangement
-Turn the hexagons over and position them as you would like.
Lay the hexagons out according to the shape below, and number them like the template. (The numbers are the edges that will be sewn together when you’re doing the final stitching to make the purse).

quilted purse pattern layout

I’ve edited the pattern layout and numbering to make it easier… so when you cut out the template, the numbers are still there.
quilt purse pattern numbering layout

I cannot explain how to tack the edges of the hexagons. The best way is to look at this picture. Notice how only some of the hexagons edges are hand tacked with edges closed, and some are left un-tacked.


quilt pattern purse with stitching

To get it right, lay the hexagons out in the template shape, and work out which edges need to be tacked in. Notice that the entire outline edge has not been tacked, leaving a 1cm seam allowance all around. The open edges of the border will be your seam allowance for when you stitch the backing fabric on. I hope I’m making some sense.

Use the hexagon quilt top as your template to cut the backing fabric and batting.
quilt purse pattern with batting

Sandwich all three layers, with fabrics right sides together. Stitch all round leaving 3 hexie sides un-stitched so that you can turn right side out.
Now is the time to sew on the button or clip. An ordinary press stud is handy, then place an embellishment on the top if you like.
place clip

Stitch sides together following the numbers…

stitch sides together

This is where my paper template comes in handy. You might want to make a paper purse yourself to get a better idea. It didn’t take long but if you want to save the time making the paper try out, check mine out.
I sized the paper template to an A4 sheet of paper, then printed it out. Cut the template out.
cut out quilt purse pattern
layout of quilt purse patternThen I joined hexagon number 1 to number 1.
assemble quilt purse pattern

So I noticed immediately that if I were stitching this purse in fabric, it would be better to start joining at number 12, which is the bottom of the purse. Start by joining number 12 to number 12. I just used some tape for the paper purse.
start with 12

Then number 11 to number 11.
number 11 of quilt purse patternThen you could kind of see that number 9 to number 9 would be the next join up.
bottom view of purse patternSo that was the bottom of the purse. Then towards the front, join number 2 to number 2 and number 10 simply joins up with number 10.
the join 2
Turn the purse around and start joining the front section which is number 1 to number 1. Number 2 and 3 will just automatically come together.
then join two then 1The purse pattern complete.
final matchup of purse patternThe top closes perfectly…
paper template of quilt purse patternThis is as close to the real thing…
paper quilt purse
Back view.
paper template quilt purse pattern back viewInside. Everything matched up really well.

inside of paper purse template
Before I made this paper try out, I was playing around with a miniature. It was just as cute and I realized you could make these quilt purses any size you like. The miniature would make a darling coin purse, and is just as easy.
paper template quilt purse pattern full view
So here it is in fabric. For this size the hexagon should be 4cm (start with fusible web cut out at 3cm as mentioned in the beginning).

quilt purse pattern size

quilt purse pattern back view

quilt purse pattern side view

quilt purse pattern open


quilt purse pattern sizeThe quilted purse pattern paper try out templates were done by Quilting Cubby.

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