Debbies No Tricky Card Trick

No Triangles Just Add A Rectangle

A super easy Card Trick quilt block is easy with squares. Try Debbies method using clever color placement of squares and rectangles!



A Card trick block is fun and can be used for all sorts of quilt projects. Traditionally the block is constructed with triangles.

easy card trick quilt block

Debbie Kratovil has simplified the method simply using squares to get the same shape, and when using it as the only block in the quilt, the 12-3/4″ (finished) squares work great.

Start off with a four patch in four different colors, fabrics of your choice. Then cut four rectangles double the size of the squares and sew them onto the four patch placing colors to create the card trick. Debbies pattern is in a row of diagrams showing enough to get the idea.



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