Somerset Patchwork Beauty

Sommerset Patchwork Also Known As The Folded Star

The Somerset Patchwork is also known as the Folded Star. This particular Somerset Patchwork is so lovely I just had to show you all of the details. The entire pattern requires only one rectangular shaped template. That’s it! The patches are simply formed from rectangles. Fold the rectangle into a triangle and attach it to a backing fabric.

Make it any size however the proprtions are very important. The folded star can be used for so many projects since you have total control over the size. Make one for  a cushion cover. It would truly lend itself to a wall hanging. Imagine the colors and fabric combinations you could put together with this beautiful patchwork.

Started with a square 30cm for the backing fabric and mark the quarters and eighths. The rectangles measure 6cm x 3.5cm.  Cut out the fabric rectangles and start folding the triangles. The pattern goes really quickly yet the finished product looks so complicated.

The dimensional effect is so appealing. Play with color and fabric texture for dazzling results. It is suggested that print fabric is kept small scale, or else they will detract from the design.

The instructions in the book suggest trialing with a small amount of about six to ten fabrics and experiment with them. Placing the patches in various positions will eventually decide the formal arrangement.

This is one of the Somerset Patchworks that Patricia shared on her blog after she was given the book, (what a gift!)
“Quilting, Patchwork and Applique” by Eleanor Van Zandt.

Work in progress…


folded star pattern


Finished Somerset… so beautiful!

somerset patchwork folded star red and white beauty


Here’s the page Patricia shared with the instructions. Click on the image to read.


The book “Quilting, Patchwork and Applique” by Eleanor Van Zandt,  is also available for purchase.

Quilting Patchwork and Applique Eleanor Van Zandt


This Somerset Patchwork is such an inspiration. Beautiful!

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