Lone Star Quilt Dazzling In So Many Ways

Your Lone Star Will Showcase Your Talents With Many Different Projects.

Breathtaking Lone Stars can be used for so many projects from full quilts to wall quilts and the most stunning table toppers. Use any fabric color or prints for eye catching designs. And if you love the Lone Star and want to give it a first try without the stress of too big, why not try a mini quilt that finishes around 14″ square. As a seasoned quilter you might get away with following some of the great tutorials available. Or else, make it a little a quicker with the help of a panel pattern grid. Whichever you choose, a whole new creative world opens up with this design.

It’s not an easy piece with Y seam challenges and small pieces to deal with. However if the Lone Star catches your heart, it is one of the most rewarding quilt projects. Take a little time, match colors and prints, build it like a puzzle and watch the beauty emerge. A Lone Star is exactly what it is. It’s a single star that covers most of the quilt or project. The focus is on the color and combinations of color and texture.

Great color combinations and quilting by Kathy Swartz of Tamarack Shack.




The same design, different colors…




The star could be appliqued, but the traditional star is made by cutting 45 degree triangles and sew them together. It’s building a creative puzzle that is so rewarding. To make up a little quicker, the star can be built by strip piecing, where strips of your chosen color fabric are sewn together and you can use a 45 degree marking on your ruler. Cut 2 1/2″ strips at the 45 dgree angle, and you’ll have perfect 45 degree triangles!

There is a Lone Star Classic quick quilt kit, designed for a 58″ quilt. The pack includes instructions and eight panels of Quiltsmart’s Lone Star Diamond Grid ™ interfacing. This wall quilt is exquisite and is made using the strip piecing method.


Quilt With Love


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Make a throw pillow with the Lone Star for the front.



If you would like to try a Lone Star on a small scale to get the feel of a traditional method try this mini quilt. This is a quaint handmade pattern to make the Lone Star using paper piecing and complete the project to make a 14″ mini quilt. It won’t use much fabric, and you will still enjoy the fun of color building.



There’s nothing nicer than a Lone Star table topper. This one is super easy, and is quite unusual. It will make a great gift.



This Lone Star table topper pattern is available for purchase for a small fee.

For a 70″ star follow this free tutorial.

Using the same process, but building a 15″ star block using this free tutorial. Once you have the block, apply it to any quilting project.