Make Your Own Quilted Fabric Ornaments

No Fuss Quilted Fabric Ornaments Are A Delight!

Quilted fabric ornaments are so quick to make. You can fit them in anytime. Use small left over stash, embellishments that you’ve collected over time. I have embellishments that I bought simply because I loved them. Like all of us we always have fabric pieces accessories and embellishments we’ve never got around to using. Now they would be perfect for these beautiful fabric ornaments.

The patterns are so easy they’re relaxing to make. And if you’re making around the Christmas season, they are beautiful quilted fabric ornaments to hang on the tree. You can’t beat these for gifts too.

Have fun co-ordinating fabric and finishing with buttons and embellishments. I love going through my buttons… yet again! Now I have a real reason, and to see the finish is so rewarding.

I’ve found that simply using a different fabric changes the whole theme of the ornament. As the ornament comes together, you get a feel for the texture you would like to add.

Here’s a tip:
If you want a crisp look like the one below, press the finished petals with an iron. For a fuller look, simply finger press as you go.

This same pattern can be used on your quilty projects.

quilted fabric ornaments hexagon

I just fell in love with this Prairie Point Star fabric quilted ornament.

quilted fabric ornaments with prairie points star


folded quilted fabric ornament


There’s a trick to making the quilted fabric ornaments in the video. Simply use a pot lid to get the round template. When you cut out, have the wrong side of the fabric facing up.Watch the video here.

Click for the pattern here.

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