Three 9 Patch Blocks You’ll Want To Try

Three Easy To Do 9 Patch Blocks

Change-up the strip sizes, fabrics, or block layout of your 9 patch blocks quilt block. Some creative thinking here introduces a whole range of angles, mixes and matches.

Here’s a new one: The Vintage 9-Patch. Using this method a vintage table runner is completed before the century is out. Once you’ve made the strips,using a dark light then dark mix, use a different take on the cutting techniques.

9 blocks quilt block strips

9 blocks pattern cut strips

9 blocks quilt block complete

9 block quilt pattern 9 Block Vintage


Then there’s the Camouflaged 9-Patch. Instead of doing a combination of different block designs, put together chop and change some strip combo’s by reversing the fabrics.  The strip sizes are the same but with the fabric colors reversed.

9 block camouflage block design

9 blocks quilt pattern broad strip

9 blocks pattern design

9 blocks camouflage quilt completed


How about the 7 Patch Weave… Take a solid block. The middle piece is one solid line.Then simply add 6 blocks each side, but using alternating colors.  You get your 9 block pattern but capture a weaved effect. How clever! A totally easy to piece block. It’s true! Endless unique design’s.

9 blocks strip pattern

7 patch weave


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