Starlite Snowman Mini Quilt To Steal Everyones Heart

Star Struck Snowman Looks Up At A Star In Wonder!

This cute Snowman mini quilt can be a mug rug, small table mat or even be used to hang on a wire stand to put on display. If you love your snowmen, use it long after Christmas. It’s too cute how the snowman looks up at the star in wonder. This simple litte design makes a lovely mug rug too and a set of these would be fabulous gifts, with a special message to always look up.  They’re almost too pretty to use, but coffee time would never be the same without the Starlite snowman!


Have these smowmen mug rugs ready for guests when they arrive for coffee or hot chocolate. They sure to set the mood for winter and the holiday season. I can’t imagine anyone resisting a smile. The design is so easy anyone can make one, and the final touch… two buttons on his coat!


Imagine the feeling completing this little snowman mug rug, and finishing the last button, only to hold it up and admire. Such an easy pattern yet so appealing, and will likely be taken out every year for many Christmas times to come. Use any fabric to make as a winter project, to use right through the season.The mug rug/mini quilt finishes at 11″ x 13″ mini quilt.



If making a couple of these as gifts, I can’t think of a nicer addition than the matching snowman gift bag. Fill the bag with cookies or sweets and chocolates. There’s a pocket at the front for a message or a small additional gift! The two just go together somehow, and when making two projects, get the most use out of the fabric, since most pieces of fabric required are only small. What a delcious project, quick and easy. A delightful gift that can made in an afternoon and in time for Christmas.


The Starlite Snowman and the Snowman gift bag patterns are available for a small fee.