Fun And Easy Tumbling Twist Blocks Table Runner To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Make This Colorful Table Runner And A Fun New Style Border.

This Twist Ten table runner is great for kitchen or patio table, and even a holiday home. Tumbling blocks create a fun holiday feel and will brighten up anyones kitchen. Squares of colorful prints are perfect for the design. The table runner requires six blocks and each block is positioned at a different angle giving the design a fun modern look. In order to make six blocks, you will require six different templates. It’s fun. Once the fabric is cut, arrange the blocks until you like the design. The size of the table runner depends on the amount of blocks and you can easily add more.

twist blocks table runner idea

Print the blocks on newsprint. It’s lightwieght and removes easily after stitching. If you don’t have newsprint a soft easy removable paper saves heaps of time picking off the paper with a tweezers. Jenny Doan suggests giving the task to children. Kids love tearing the paper off.

templates for twist blocks table runner

10″ pre cuts are perfect for these squares, or else cut 10″ squares from your chosen fabric. Choose two co-ordinating fabric for the blocks. One for the center square, and one for four individual corners to complete the block. You’ll be cutting 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ square for the center, and there is sufficient fabric from the second 10″ square to cut the four corners. A little experience in paper piecing would be an advantage, however the video is packed with tips and tricks, that almost anyone can follow along and make this Twist 10. It’s a quick project, easy to finish. Sews up easy on a regular home sewing machine.

Watch this video tutorial for the pattern instructions fro Vanessa from the Crafty Gemini who came up with this neat idea. Free templates are available for download below the video.

If  you’re new to paper piecing Watch A Paper Piecing Tutorial Here

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