Teddy Bear Quilt Bag You Won’t Get Away With Making Just One For Sure

Teddy Bear Quilt Bag,Make One And Everyone Will Want It

Patchwork teddy bear quilt bag is just brimming with hug me now. They’re so cute, you have to make more than one, and they’re that easy to make. With these two teddy bears bags, one is smiling and one is frowning. They’re an inspiration for a story. Then the kids get to take them home.

Not only for kids though. I doubt there’s anyone who wouldn’t love one of these bears. Can you imagine the scream at school?!

The faces look so real. They each have their own personalities. It’s amazing what you can create with a bit of fabric!

Look at these two teddy bear quilt bags in the mirror. At first thought, if you were making only one teddy bear bag, make a smiley face on one side and a frowny face on the other.

There are no specific sizes with this pattern, but you can see each bear is sitting on a cutting board. The bears measure about 7 or 8 inches in length and about 2 inches wide.

teddy quilt bags mirror image


Start off choosing your fabrics. Plaids really seem nice for these bears.Plain white or cream for the muzzle.

teddy bear quilt bag tutorial


Cut a template out of cardboard. You can save the image and print it out. There is no size specifications. For this teddy bear quilt bag it’s around 13 inches in length, and about 9 inches wide(without the ears) You can kind of guess a size by looking at the amount of squares on the cutting board.

teddy bear quilt bag template


Draw the bear on the fabric. Lay backing fabric right side up, then batting, then top fabric right side down. Pin.


teddy bear quilt bag cutting instructions


Stitch along the line leaving at least 3 inches unstitched. As marked by orange dots in the picture.


teddy quilt bag apply batting


Cut out the bear shape, eyeballing  1/4 inch seam allowance.

sew teddy bear quilt bag with quarter inch seams


Turn right side out. Press. Close the opening when quilting around the edges of the teddy bear. Then quilt two lines down the middle and zig zag across as shown.


how to make a teddy bear quilt bag

How To Make The Face On A Teddy Bear Quilt Bag

Turn the edges of the muzzle in and press to keep in place. Place the muzzle along the center lines. Stitch the muzzle on to the bear, stitching close to the edge and all the way around.

how to prepare the face on a teddy bear quilt bag


Stitch on the eyes and nose. A covered button in a bright fabric is nice.


how to make the nose on a teddy bear quilt bag


Lay the bag down and finish the face. Happy or sad.

how to make the face on a teddy bear quilt bag


Fold the bag over and stitch as shown.

sew up the teddy bear quilt bag


How To Put A Zip In A Teddy Bear Quilt Bag

Pin the zip in place as shown. Stitch to secure.

how to put the zip in a teddy bear quilt bag


Hello 🙂

teddy bear quilt purse

So one day when you’re happy use th smilley bear teddy bear, and when you’re pensive or blue change to the sad face.

Or make up a fun story for the kids.

Everyone would love a teddy bear quilt purse!

Article and Imgs:handmadiya.com

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