Quick Gifts Triangle Bag Stylish With A Personal Touch

Triangle Bag Makes The Perfect Gift Plus One For Yourself.

Trendy and stylish bag is a quick gift that should impress almost anyone. The muted earthy tones never seem to date. The zig zag pattern is also so trendy you could make this bag in any fabric of your choice and it would look great. The back of the bag has a small outside pocket as part of the bag design. Perfect to drop in keys and such while out and about.

The triangle are so easy to assemble, forming most of the bag. The back is made up of the background fabric with the triangle design for the pocket, adding that little touch of style. The bag has an inner pocket with a pen slot. What a great gift. make up in a weekend and you’re ready to go. Define bag bottom corners by stitching across layers near bag bottom seams, to make the bag sturdy. I always like a bag that stands without flopping over.

A versatile size of 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ x 4″. All that is needed for the zig zag front and a portion of the back is 40 x 5″ squares of assorted fabric, and backgound fabric for the rest of the body of the bag, the lining and handles. You’ll also need about a crib size batting.


Any fabric could be used for this tote style bag. Use bright colors for summer, or even seasonal fabric for the holidays. I can even imagine the bag in just two colors, or just two tones, such as black and white, for a really electric look. Florals and small prints for a country feel would also be as pretty.