Thanksgiving Turkey Placemats For Smiles All Round The Table

Make These “Tom Turkey” Placemats And Potholders For Your Thanksgiving Table.

These turkey placemats were designed for kids, but they’re so appealing, they’re perfect for your Thanksgiving table, for everyone. So cute, “Tom Turkey” is sure to put a smile on everyones face and warm hearts right from the start of your Thanksgiving day. This little turkey placemat is a simple design, and has so much character. With small squares and half squares, not much fabric is needed for the turkey block at all. No need to use the exact colors. A mix and match of fun fabric will make up the most adorable turkeys and the table setting will still match beautifully.

The pattern tutorial consists of a free block for Tom Turkey, which is easy as…! Turkey is so cute, use the block to make potholders, or placemats, or both! To make the placemat from the quilt block, simply add two strips of fabric either side. Add an extra piece for the cutlery holder. Then layer with backing, batting and bind.


The pattern is originally designed by Lori from Bee In My Bonnet. Lori designed the turkey block for her granddaughter and the kiddies table. So sweet. She used her Blue Plate Special pattern to turn it into the cutest placemats. Turkey looks great as a potholder too.


The kids will love “Tom Turkey” for their very own Thanksgiving table. The block is an easy project and could probably be whipped up to any amount of placemats needed for your Thanksgiving day, and everyone can enjoy this cutee placemat, not just the kids.



If you would rather not spend the time figuring out turning turkey into a placemat, the Blue Plate Special pattern is available for purchase from Lori Holts Bee In My Bonnet.