Unique Shaped Quilt Blocks Make A Stunning Table Runner

Use Precuts And Enjoy The Creative

You can find all kinds of places to display runners. Fill a wall space, dress your table.  Putting together unique-shaped blocks create eye catching table toppers, show off fabric, and puts your creativity on display.




Use your favorite precut fabrics to create table toppers for multiple sizes of surfaces. The feature quilt ‘Capri’, uses 5″ squares, a favorite charm pack or cut from a layer cake for fabrics that coordinate perfectly.

quilted runner sunshine fabric moda

However, 5″ squares are one of the easiest to cut from yardage and provide a beautiful array of squares that can be mixed up to form your own collection!  Economy blocks provide an on point center square to feature fabric, and create dazzling stars dangling from super cute 2 1/2″ squares.

table runner stars

The ‘Capri’ runner designed by Heather Mulder Peterson is a finished size of 14″ x 47″.

star table runner

The Trendy Table Heather Mulder Petersen

If you’re fan of precuts, and especially charm squares, the pattern can be found in her book ‘The Trendy Table’, which contains 15 runners. Mix up your decor with snowflake, holiday, and modern-themed designs.



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