Valentine Table Topper Merry-Go-Round of Hearts Romance Is In The Air

Valentine Table Topper With Scalloped Edge And A Pretty Twirl of Hearts.

Make this quaint  table topper with a merry-go-round of hearts for your Valentine decor. Piece floral red and pink prints 2 inch squares, cut out the hearts, and applique for a nice finish. A great weekend project leaving good time to use the topper a little longer. It’s so pretty, it needn’t only be used for Valentines, and if wanting something for spring, make the hearts in yellow and sky blue.



All thats needed for the colorful hearts are a mix of fabric scraps in deep red, magenta, pin and even blue (for a true heart) . From those scraps cut 2 inch strips. Sew together in 5 strip blocks, then cut into 2 inch strips to create the tiny squares.

Valentines hearts table topper template

Cut the heart out from the strips. Each heart is different just like in real life. And each has it’s own beauty.

Valentine hearts table topper with four hearts

Hearts table topper for Valentines

The pattern for base of the topper is made from newspaper cleverly folded in half again and again. Then use the template to cut the round edge for the scallop. When you open it up you have a perfect template base for the topper.The fabric used for the background of the table topper is a soft snowy sort of print creating a floaty dreamy backdrop for the hearts. Use the template to cut out the hearts and lay them on the background. The topper comes to life immediately.

Appliqued hearts table topper pattern
Designed by Art Threads, the tutorial includes finishing the eges with bias tape and a quick tute on free motion quilting. Give this merry-go-round of hearts topper a try, for a special Valentines this year. Romance is in the air!