Vintage Hanky Quilt Could Be Your Best Work Of Art

Vintage Hankies Tell a Quilt Story And Make A Lovely Keepsake

Imagine the 1950’s era of floral handkerchiefs appliqued onto neutral ivory. Of all the vintage linens, I think hankies must have the best stories, lending this lovely picture book an authentic vintage feel because they appeal to the heart.


vintage hanky quilt free tutorial

Using a special collection to make a little memory quilt for an old friend, mother or grandmother that she can display and enjoy all year long, would surely bring a tear of joy. I started collecting vintage hankies a year or so ago simply because I was so taken with the colors, patterns and elaborately cut edges.

If you have a little collection of pretty hankies waiting, create an authentic vintage feel.

buy vintage style hankies for quilts

If you’re still deciding what you want to do with your stash of vintage hankies that you’ve collected over the years, make a throw for the lake house. Pieces that have interesting stories behind them will make for a really special quilt that you can pass along to your daughter or simply put on display on your family room couch.

Show off the hankies on your quilt in a way that is not static or boring. Use vintage purple and white floral hankies,or assemble a group featuring a shade of aqua or light turquoise amongst rose pinks and woodland forget-me-nots. Use one or two to create an easy butterfly. See here.

easy quilt pattern using hankies

If wanting to start right away you might not have enough hankies, purchase a few extra from Amazon to make a quilt. With just the right amount of creativity, you can turn those pretty old hankies into interesting pieces that will make your friends want to start a collection of their own.


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