Vintage Quilt Bunny Rabbit Throw Pillow Keepsake

Make A Bunny Rabbit Throw Pillow From Your Old Quilts

Here’s a great idea to use the better part of your old tattered quilts, and even vintage quilts, to make a bunny rabbit throw pillow. If the quilt is a true vintage but is too worn, don’t throw it out. Use the best parts as a background for the pillow and applique this fluffy bunny rabbit on. Your vintage quilt will spend another vintage round. How special!

You might have a favorite quilt that is truly passed it’s use by date, but don’t have the heart to throw it out. Choose the best parts, and applique the bunny on, then stitch on the backing, and you’ve saved your quilt.

The pillows are not only for kids, although kids would love these bunny rabbit pillows. They’re just perfect for a throw pillow in the right decor. Looks great on anyones bed. Also a lovely keepsake.

No pattern needed. Simply trim out the best part of your old quilt that you would like to keep, cut out the shapes of furry fabric using different colors as shown, for the body, face and ears. Stitch the rabbit onto the cut out quilt top.

Take a look at some of these being sold on Ebay just for examples of the ones you can make. Or you can purchase a bunny rabbit quilt pillow right out if you like.

Have fun choosing your favorite bunny rabbit throw pillow below.

Rabbit on a patchwork pillow Country Cottage

bunny rabbit throw pillow country cottage


The background of this pillow is a vintage quilt piece that was cut out and saved.

bunny rabbit quilt pillow vintage



This one was made using a Vintage Grandmothers flower garden quilt pattern. If you would like to purchase this bunny pillow it is made and sold by this lady. Click here then scroll to see the bunny

Keepsake applique bunny throw pillow vintage flower garden


Make a dresden plate quilt block and stitch the bunny on top to make this pillow. Patterns Available Here.


bunny rabbit throw pillow dresden


Here’s a lovely idea for an old quilt piece with a rabbit, made into a pin cushion.


bunny rabbit throw pillow embroideryPinterest



Made with Grandmothers flower garden quilt pattern using a different color flower. Make a set of two with different colored flowers.

bunny rabbit throw pillow grandmothers flower garden quilt patternEbay



Look at this old piece of quilt that was used for the background. That bunny’s adorable.

bunny rabbit throw pillow made with vintage


Here’s Mr. Rabbit with a dashing red scarf

bunny rabbit throw pillow mr rabbitSold On Ebay


A Star Quilt block saved for another vintage round.

bunny rabbit throw pillow star quilt blockPinterest


An old Dresden Plate quilt was used here. Add a few buttons for the flowers as shown bottom right of the pillow.

bunny rabbit throw pillow vintage quilt
Was sold on Ebay

Update…found the pattern here.

bunny rabbit throw pillow vintage quilt pattern pink

Don’t throw out your old quilts. Save them and make a lovely keepsake bunny rabbit  throw pillow!

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