Wipe Your Paws Quilt Perfect For All Dog Lovers

Cat And Wipe Your Paws Dog Quilt That Gets Everyone Wiping Their Feet.

Ha! only clean paws and feet are allowed after you hang up this “wipe your feet” wall quilt. Make a friendly gesture right at the door. Besides it’s so cute it will bring a smile, if not a giggle to everyone who sees it, and they will happily do the right thing. I remember a video on dogs who were taught to wipe their paws before coming in. There they were, these cute little dogs brisquely wiping their paws and wagging tails, then bounding into the house excitedly. Obviously the dogs did not read the message on quilt hung at the door, but they did the dutiful thing none the less.

Quilt Pattern with dogs Wipe Your Paws

Putting this message up on a wall quilt looks so welcoming too. The whimsical dog and cat on the quilt are appliqued, and the design can be mixed and matched, putting only dogs on, or only cats.

Wipe Your Paws quilt pattern


It’s too funny how they only show the back of the dog and cat hurriedly wiping their paws. I love the skid marks on the quilt bringing the activity to life!

Wipe Your Paws quilt


This quilt is made in real life dog and cat colors. The quilt would be fun in any fabric. The fun nature of the quilt leaves possibilities of brightly colored dogs in any color or print.  “Doggies in the Window” fat quarters were used for this project and is a perfect compliment to the theme of the ‘Wipe Your Paws’ wall hanging. Would make a lovely gift for dog lovers.

Wipe Your Paws with skid marks