Use Zigzag Fabric In A Half Square Triangle Block And Get These Quirky Designs

Zigzag Fabric In A Half Square Triangle Block, Polka Dots And Checkered Squares

This half square triangle block is fun and quirky with this black and white zigzag fabric. Mixed with polka dots and black and white checkered squares, imagine the energy! Perfect for a bright happy quilt. Bring in a bright blue. What a smiley welcome. I would most likely choose blue and white polka dot fabric for the backing, but black and white zigzag fabric would really be jazzy. The choice of backing for this quilt is endless. Solid white would really be fresh.

For this this zigzag block all you need is four strips of fabric the same size sewn together. Use high contrasting fabrics for better results. What fun!

4 blocks with zigzag fabric

Here’s the idea. Cut four strips 2 1/2 inch wide and 18 inches long. Starting with the zigzag fabric, lay the strips down length ways. Stitch strips fabric right sides together. Press. Cut two blocks 8 1/4 inch square.

zigzag fabric traingle block


Place the squares fabric right sides together, but turn one block so that you get a crossing of the pattern strips. Stitch all four sides.

zigzag fabric with polka dots

Cut the square diagonally. Then cut diagonal again. Trim off bunny ears.

zigzag fabric diagonal block

You now have these crazy zigzag squares. Arrange them at will.

zigzag fabric quilt blocks

Here’s some ideas.

zigzag fabric quilt

zigzag fabric with blue polka dots

Make the same blocks using different fabric. Use only 2 fabrics, one print and one white or black. Use complimentary colors or interesting color combinations. Checks, zigzag, polka dots, types of fabrics work great.

You can play with the width of the strips. To keep it symmetric you need to make sure that your outside strips are the same width and the inside strips are the same width as well.

You can use more than 4 strips too as long as they are even numbers and you keep the width symmetric as well.

This video shows you how you can play around with the pattern designs.

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