Bird Panel Fabric For A Pack Along Quilt

Great Ideas For Bird Fabric.

Bird lovers will delight in unfolding a quilt to reveal paired up Cardinals, Robins and pretty backyard songbirds. If you’re looking for fresh ideas using birds, capture the beauty of nature with the the authenticity and soft colors of this panel fabric.


Housing Boom Bird Panel Fabric Elizabeth Studios


This simple Pack Along is made all the more stunning using beautiful bird panel fabric. Make any quilt into a Pack Along by adding a flap, a carry handle and closure. The flap is an extra quilt block, made just a little smaller than one-fourth of the quilt width. To make a flap, fold the quilt into a manageable size, lengthwise in thirds or quarters. The flap should not be any wider than the quilt when it’s folded. Choose from robins, blue jays, cardinals, chickadees and or any other backyard birds from the panel for the closing flap.

Bird Panel fabric for a quilt

Deonn from Quilt Scapes bordered a quilt with birdhouses, and while the project was designed to be a Pack Along interactive play mat, the quilt showcases bird panel fabric. The play mat could easily be made larger by increasing the size of the center piece and making a border all around the quilt. The flap was also made to be a pocket shown here.   

Make any quilt into a Pack Along by adding a flap, a carry handle and closure see more here.

This cute panel is full of birds and has a long list of possibilities. Make your own gift tags, cut panels and embellish tea towels, and the most beautiful quilt labels for any bird lover.

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