Rock Candy Table Topper Fast And Fun and Creative

Fun With Charm Squares For Your Table Topper.

Super easy table topper to mix and match your favorite solids and prints, and better yet, no Y-seams. This Candy ‘Rocker’ is all about the freedom to make unlimited choices with your fav fabrics. You’ll be creating something totally unique since it will your very own creativity at play here.

The pattern suggests Toscana black for the background, making the design, your design pop!




Use fabric scraps put away for that ‘just right’ project. The design is a showcase for combination prints and solids. Just in time to use rich gold and orange for your Autumn table. Quilt a flower in the middle. Add an embellishment.


Change seasons at will. Jump from florals and solids to Artisan Spirit Shimmer Reflections and ice blue prism Batiks.


So fresh.


A couple of 5″ charm squares are ideal, or else simply cut 18 x 5″ squares.


Amazing the fun you can have with a little creative freedom.

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