Double Wedding Ring Quilt Dreams Do Come True

Get The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Of Your Dreams


This double wedding ring quilt, the Bali Wedding Star, is made with graded batik fabrics. It is astonishingly beautiful and leaves you gasping! No need to stop at only wishing you also could achieve this beautiful double wedding ring quilt pattern. The cascading effect of this wedding ring quilt is captured using batik fabrics that are specifically matched to the Bali Wedding Star Pattern. Take advantage of the fabric guide for this one as it will achieve the exact match quilt.

double wedding ring quilt batik colors

But what if you wanted to make a small double wedding ring Bali Star project just to get started.

Take a look at this bed runner pattern which consists of two rows of the double wedding ring Bali Star pattern and eight blocks in length.

double wedding rings quilt pattern batik fabric

You’ll quickly get the feel for the paper piecing and the unusual shape of the block. When you really take a look at it, it’s a matter of following the steps as you do a normal pattern. Choose your batik strip set and get started.

double wedding ring quilt block

Or if you’re feeling a little more confident after this video, why give it a try with a lap quilt.

double weding ring quilt pattern lap quilt

Look at these fabric strips to get the idea


Should you decide to give it a go, one thing for sure, a little peace and quiet will help until you get it together in your minds eye. To get started, there are some arrows and numbers that you have to follow to get it right so it’ll take a bit of concentration at the beginning. Once the pieces are cut and it’s all laid out, you simply follow step by step until it comes together and you have the double wedding ring quilt of your dreams.

bali wedding star quilt pattern

I found a video explaining how to use a special set of double wedding ring templates. Imagine attempting a double wedding ring block without a template. No wonder quilters admire the quilt instead of making one themselves. You only dream about quilts like that.

This video will give you a very good overview of the templates, but especially the pattern pieces. It all suddenly makes sense and might inspire you to get started.


Why not give the double wedding ring templates a try. You could make a beautiful quilt even without the Batik fabric. Just choose your fabrics and follow the pattern. Purchase the templates here.

double wedding ring templates

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