A Summer Parasol To Piece And Applique

Summer Parasol Applique Is Sure To Draw Great Interest

Imagine the fabric prints you could use to make this Summer Parasol. It’s so pretty with the little block edging. It looks so real you feel like picking it up. Applique the umbrella to an 8-1/2″ square.

summer parasol applique blue and green

To piece the parasol over the paper pattern, first cut fabric with the seam allowances included. Cut paper templates ignoring the seam allowances, fold the fabric edges over each ,and glue the seam allowances down with a glue stick.
The pins tell you what’s top and bottom of each piece.
summer parasol free applique template
summer parasol paper piecing instructions
Then whip-stitch the ruffle to the umbrella and removed the paper.
summer parasol sewing instructions
summer parasol applique quilt
After you have pieced the ruffle you can applique it with the handle and top knot.
summer parasol applique blue and green
This Summer Parasol is so quaint with a pointed top knot!
Summer parasol paper piecing pattern in florals


There is a free pattern download from this link for the Parasol, however it seems you need an Acrobat Pdf account in order to download.

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