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Make This Denim Circle Rag Quilt For Something A Little Different.

If you like denim rag quilts, this tutorial has a new take on denim rag quilts using circles. The circle blocks are trendy and you could choose any fabric to kind of peep out of the raggedy edge denim circle. It looks great. Once you’ve got it mastered, there are so many things to make for around the home using this same technique. Denim fabric is easily available since denim jeans have never gone out of date. They’re everywhere. Repurpose jeans before throwing them out. It’s amazing how much fabric comes out of a pair of jeans when you cut them up, and there’s plenty of fabric pieces to get a lot of circles cut out for this project.


Denim circle rag quilt from blue jeans

To get started on your rag quilt, start by spraying some 505 temporary adhesive spray onto the mat. Lay a square piece of denim fabric down on the mat. Smooth it out and press down gently, being sure it’s stuck on quit well. Then, using an Olfa circle cutter, cut out your first circle. Peel away the cut of the fabric. Sew the circles into rows. You could work with rows of three or four at one time to begin with, for easier handling.

For the fabric: Cut fabric squares of five inches.
For the batting: Cut batting squares measuring four inches.

Turn the row of circles over. Place a four inch square of batting inside the circle on the wrong side of the fabric. Place the five fabric square on top. Open up the seams of the denim circles sewn together. Fold the flaps of the denim seams over the fabric square. Pin. Stitch the flaps down following the oval line.

Sew the rows of circles, denim sides together. Stitch a straight line right across at the edge of the circles. After stitching, open up the two rows. The backing is also denim (perfect!) , and the top of the quilt is bright and colorful with the fun fabric you chose to peep through the circles, forming it’s own design with the denim surrounding. It’s unique. There are no two the same anywhere in the world.

Personalize your denim rag quilt by using a piece of fabric from a favorite shirt, worn out pajamas, or a even a tucked away baby blanket that was once very special.  Use letters or numbers in squares to spell out a name or place, or use numbers for birthday dates. The denim circle technique doesn’t apply just to quilts. You can make place mats using the same theme. A couple of denim throw pillows look great and you can match the fabric inside the circles to the theme and colors of your decor. Imagine how nice throw pillows would look using stone-washed denim. If using recycled denim and fabric scraps for your circle rag blocks, it hasn’t cost a cent.

Denim rag quilt made with circles


This video shows exactly how to make a denim rag quilt. You could change the size of the denim circles and fabric squares to your choice. It’s easy and fun.

Feature Img:Keepuinstitchesquilting

There is also a pattern available for purchase for this denim raggy.

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