Bubble Pods No Need To Hang These Crafty Fabric Baskets

Made From Just 2 Fat Quarters.

These cute little pods can be used for almost anything around the home. Designed to sit on a flat surface with no need to hang them up. The wide opening shows everything that’s inside at a glance, while looking pretty on the shelf. Make one or a set, the baskets are fun to make. No-one can resist a peek inside.



They make the sweetest sewing baskets, hold sewing clips anything else that needs a pretty place to hide. The basket is sturdy and can hold a couple of clips on the side while busy with a project. Even teenagers will love them for crafts and projects. Suddenly it’s fun to tidy up. The bubble pods sit on a flat surface and have a neat loop to move them around easily.

bubble pod baskets to make

Match two fat quarters for each basket and come up with all sorts of combinations. Make them for bathrooms and kids rooms, and the most delightful gifts, besides being great fun to make. You won’t stop at one after the first, you’ll love how easy they finish up. Designed by Love From Beth, the basket is approximately 5″x 5″.

bubble pods Love from Beth

Make a pod and couple with 2 fat quarters and toss in the pattern as a quilty gift!


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