Candy Cane Wall Hanging With Frosty Snowman Throw Pillow To Add

Crisp Red and White Wall Hanging And Frosty Snowman Throw Pillow A Great Match.

Trendy style wall quilt perfect for the holiday season and fresh and new for this time of year. Simple churn dash block with cheerful prints makes this quilt a win. Each block was hand quilted 1/4 inch from the seam line, and a simple design was machine quilted in the border.

Red and white prints, polka dots and stripes are easy to match up. Or make this quilt in any color. The design, by Darlene Zimmerman, will suit any time of year with any fabric. The design is appealing and quite versatile.

The pattern calls for small and large red checks, pices of assorted white print for blocks, small and large red polka dots, red and white stripe, and backing fabric. I love the idea of timeless fabrics that can easily be matched up, and some of it is more than likely in a stash basket.

The finished quilt top: 43″ square. Finished block: 7-1⁄2″ square. Hand quilting the blocks adds a special appeal.


I couldn’t help noticing this Snowman throw pillow by designer Sherri K. Falls. It’s a great free pattern and so easy to make. The pillow would be great along with the wall quilt. Two new things up for the holidays. The wall quilt so fresh, and a cute snowman pillow. It just works! Use any fabric panel for the middle, although the snowman is just adorable.


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