Celebration Candles Decorate Your Festive Table

Stitch Up And Quilt These Celebration Candles All At The Same Time.

No celebration is complete without candles. It often seems as though there’s never enough time to make a few hand made gifts, or even to decorate your own table. These quilted candles are so quick, you’ll never be short of celebration candles again.



This Celebration Candles mug rug is patterned to use the quilt as you go method, easy and amazingly quick. Quilt the mug rug at the same time as stitching the candles together and they come out great. You also get to hide the ends before adding the backing saving time with not having to sew in the applique threads. The design is charm square friendly and you’re sure to have a few of those left over somewhere.

candles mug rug

The candle mug rugs are bright and effective on the table with the flames and wicks shining brightly whether hand or machine stitched. And sometimes they shine brighter on a dark night-time background. Use any color for the background and candles. Golden yellow makes the flames shine bright, use fabric to match the theme. Make the candles for Christmas, Thanksgiving and even the Fourth Of July using fabric to match the celebration theme.

candles mug rug patriotic

No matter how busy or short for time during the festive season or celebration holidays, there’s always time to stitch up a few Celebration Candles!



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