Apple Fabric Handy Pot Holder Tea Towel Pretties Up The Kitchen

Apple Fabric So Pretty For These Handy Pot Holder Tea Towels

These pot holders attached to a tea towel are so pretty. The apple fabric gives the whole project a fresh look. The apple print against the white of the dish towel makes the set picture perfect. The idea of apple and leaf pot holders sewn to the dish towel is a great idea. The set pretties up the kitchen and there is a practical use to.


This project is originally from However there is no single pattern available. See a list of the individual projects below. Perhaps you have patterns for these items that can be matched up to make the set. The fabric is a lovely idea, or use any other print such as strawberry fabric… or citrus!


Make these pot holders. They’re perfect for the tea towels.

For the apple pot holder, follow this tutorial.   Picture Tutorial only


Here is an easy tutorial for the finger pot holders.   (Not in english but fairly easy to follow).



See Kate Sew has a great tutorial for fabric trays.


Here’s the idea…


Just add apple fabric!

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