Christmas Baby Quilt and Matching Bib For The Holiday

Cheerful Christmas Baby Quilt and A Christmas Bib To Match!

A baby quilt and matching bib in bright holiday fabrics sure to bring good cheer to any mom, not to mention some coo’s from baby. when there’s a new baby in the house, there’s an extra special holiday feel since everything is about baby’s first Christmas!

This delightful set is all color with matching binding and appliqued bib.


The back of the bib has a layer of chenille, super soft is absorbent too. Not only pretty, but totally practical too!


What better than traditional nine patch blocks, a favorite for many. But there’s a special treat with this one. Four of the nine squares have been stretched into rectangles. Creating the look of a wrapped present! I love it! All in all there are nine ‘present’ blocks. A perfect Christmas gift for baby.




Made up with bright holiday fabric, the theme is not only for Christmas. Besides this quilt and bib set can be made with any fun fabric, especially with a medallion type fabric to showcase on baby’s bib.


This is a perfect project for new quilters. There are additional tutorials should you need a few pointers. For an experienced quilter, this is a breeze.



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