Flannel Baby Blanket Pattern – Self Binding Just Works Out Magically!

Flannel Baby Blanket Pattern With A Magical Self Binding

This cute little receiving baby blanket is a ten minute project. Start making it in the morning, and it’ll be ready in time for the baby shower. Fabric requirements for the flannel baby blanket are provided with the tutorial, then follow the easy steps.


New moms would love a couple of these blankets for the little one. It’s good to have an extra on hand in case of spills.

free pattern for baby blanket

patch baby blanket

Pattern Steps:
-Fold each fabric piece in half and finger press a little to kind of make a fold mark. Then put in a pin to mark the centre line. Then fold the fabric in half at one end and pin the center point. Then do the other side.
baby blanket quilt pattern
-Lay the two pieces of flannel out, right sides together. Put the large one down first. Then the smaller one on top.
-Pin the ‘middles’ together that you have pin marked on all four sides.  It looks like it’s not matching up, but you’ll see how it comes together.

pin flannel fabric right sides together
-Pin the edge of the top layer(smaller flannel fabric piece) to the edge of the larger one.
-At one end of the blanket, pin a length of fabric from the middle to about 7cm along. That will be the opening where, in the end, you will turn the flannel baby blanket right way out.

flannel baby blanket pattern instructions
-Then, from that pin, put in another pin to secure the two fabrics together. The top fabric is shorter, but that’s ok, It will work out when you turn the fabric inside out.
-Stitch the seam and stop 1/4 of an inch from the end. Stitch all four sides.

match seams for baby blanket pattern
-On the side where you’ve marked  the opening with a pin, sew from the middle out, being sure not to sew past the pin, resulting in an opening in order to turn the baby blanket inside out.
-Turn the blanket inside out. There will be some really strange looking points that look like they don’t belong, on either side. Remove all the pins.

trim corners blanket
-Fold the egdes of the ‘bunny ears’ together as shown and using a ruler, draw a line at a 90 degree angle.

match corners of flannel baby blanket pattern
-Stitch along the line. Trim point off. Repeat for all four corners.

trim corners of baby blanket
-Turn the blanket right side out, pushing the corners out. Gorgeous!

turn baby blanket fabric right side out
-Zig zag along the the line where the two fabrics meet, all the way around the baby blanket. A large zig zag looks really good.
Watch this video for the full tutorial. It’s just great! This flannel baby blanket pattern takes all of an hour start to finish. A great stash buster with a cute little baby blanket in return.

Images:Missouri Star Quilt Company

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