Corner Block Quilt Get Creative With Four Solids And A Print

Corner Block Quilt Bold Solids And Prints

Striking corner block quilt using four solids and a print. It’s the choice of color combinations that making this quilt so appealing. Strong woody colors in green and brick red, then suddenly a strike of fridge white! It’s just dazzling.

Then a brick red border creating a crisp finish.

The quilt was made using different fabrics being  4 solids and 1 stripe.  There are actually 4 fabrics used in each block … so each block is missing one of the fabrics. It takes a while to figure out but after a good look at the drawing and the finished block, it all starts to make sense.

The finished quilt has a combination of greens and bricks with white. The pattern tutorial is showing the same pattern using navy and royal blue with red, and a stripe added. Both quilts have strong dynamic colors which really suit this type of corner block.

corner block quilt green red and white

Corner block quilt back view.

corner block quilt back view

Here is an overview of how Shiners View unravels the pattern.

corner block quilt pattern

The block

corner block quilt instructions

The quilt in progress…

corner block pattern tutorial

The tutorial is a simple layout of fabric and numbers. It’s so easy to follow. The blocks come together very quickly.

First part of the article with the green and brick red here.

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