Handpick Feature Fabric For A Star-Crossed Table Runner

Plaids and Gingham Or Any Co-ordinated Fabrics

Choose your focus fabric and start stitching beautiful stars. Often table runners are too long and drop off the side of the table, losing the effect of the design, or worse, not showcasing your carefully chosen prints.



Feature a design element from a novelty fabric to play up the season. A pumpkin, snowman, or any Christmas fabric with a holiday palette. Plaids in red and mint green are warm and inviting. If wanting to place a bowl or bouquet of flowers in the center opt for a matching fabric and quilt a frame.

Focus fabric Star Crossed Table Runner Quilt Pattern Free

Block are made up of half square triangles, much better for crisp blocks without the bias edges. A great tip to speed up Hsts’ is to mark them with a  1/4″ Diagonal Seam Ruler to mark two sewing lines across the diagonal of a square. Hsts are quick to cut and sew. There is also minimum waste fabric.

Holiday fabricTable runner with star blocks free quilt pattern

PRO TIP: When drawing lines on fabric patches, place them on top of a clean piece of sandpaper with fine grit. The sandpaper holds the fabric while you drag your pencil along the marker’s edge so that it doesn’t wrinkle and distort. And you can simply spin the sandpaper around if you need to mark a line on the other side of the seam marker so you don’t have to be a contortionist.

Dawn Cavanaugh of APQS

coordinated fabric square table topper quilt pattern free


The pattern, designed by Dawn Cavanaugh of APQS, also provides instructions to make a square table topper, customizing by adding additional blocks to fill in the spaces.

fabric and quilting idea for Star quilt blocks

To quilt stars, stitch motifs into the squares. Fun with fussy cutting favorite fabrics and putting together coordinated prints to accent. Sew a housewarming gift, and one for your home to! This versatile table cover pattern provides amazing color combinations and feature fabrics for this project. The Star Crossed Table Runner is available as a free and/or printable pattern download.


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