No Sew Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree Or Put In The Window

Well Almost No Sew, Using Fusible Interfacing.

These folded star Christmas ornaments can be hung on your tree, in a window or anywhere else to add to your holiday decor. They can also be made for any seasonal celebration. Make a couple for friends and family to give out at Thanksgiving. These handmade ornaments are often a keepsake for most, and are loved and cherished years after they are given. .



The ornaments are made by pressing the folded squares with steam to stop them opening up again. No need stitch the four center points together. Using an applique iron, or just the tips of your regular iron, fuse the first layer of the star to a 4 1/2 inch square of fusible interfacing. This helps to keep the point spacing accurate without the frustration of the pieces shifting around under the machine foot.

no sew Christmas ornaments

Build all four layers to complete the basic construction. You’ll love the entire project from putting scraps together to get the color combinations, to folding and placing each point to build the star. Make a 4.25″ diameter paper template to trim the ornament and cut the backing fabric. Embellish with lace which is also the binding/finish, or finish with a binding of your choice.

no sew Christmas ornament


Liz Stanley mentions that these ornaments were originally made by her aunt and given as a gift to her mom back in the 80’s sometime. Still treasured today, it became her inspiration for these pretty no sew Christmas ornaments.



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