Crochet Quilt – Baby Wrap From Way Back When

Crochet Quilt With Country Garden Flowers – Quilt Style From Way Back When

Crochet quilts had become quite dated after the seventies. When you said baby everyone thought crochet. Today there are crochet quilts bouncing back from way back when, and suddenly… everyone wants a crochet quilt pattern. Beautiful quilts are being made with the mix of quilted squares and crochet.

crochet quilt country flowers


Combine crochet with country style/country garden fabric squares and the result is a beautiful baby quilt. Make an elegant throw for a shabby style lounge room, or chair back quilt for decor.

crochet quilt on display

Imagine wrapping baby in this adorable crochet quilt? To think how easy it is to make, and may become a keepsake over time.

White crochet wool  brings out the floral colors, and makes the entire quilt look so light and fresh.

For Fabric and Supplies you’ll need

  • 72 6-inch squares of fabric (36 for the front and 36 for the back)
  • 36 6-inch squares of batting
  • 300 grams of fingering weight yarn (I used 6 skeins of Bernat Baby in antique white)
  • Other supplies: sewing machine, thread, large eyed needle, crochet hook
  • Supplies for blocking squares: large piece of cardboard or foam board, spray bottle, pins

Make the fabric squares.

make fabric squares for crochet quilt


Blanket stitch around the edge of the square.

how to join quilt squares using crochet


Then crochet around the square. Watch this video to show you how to do the crochet on each square.


This is the idea. Happy crochet quilting!

crochet quilt with fabric squares


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