Hippity Hoppity Bunny Quilt For Easter Or Any Time Of Year

A Sweet Bunny Quilt For The Nursery.

These cute bunny quilt blocks are easy to construct, without having to stitch tiny pieces to get the right shape. Get ready for Spring and stitch up this bunny quilt for Easter, or make one for the new nursery decor. The blocks can be used to make a mini quilt for the wall, or a throw pillow on the sofa or casual chair.


Create your own bunny scene using pretty vintage theme prints against a white background. Each one has a fluffy tail. Scraps, or left over 10 inch squares can be used to make each bunny, or coordinate using a favorite layer cake. Use a colorful print for the background and stitch up the bunnies in white. Make a scrappy binding from the left over fabric.

bunny quilt

Choose any color fabric, however soft pink, yellow, green and blue pastels are just perfect for these rabbits. The pattern is designed to make up 12 bunny blocks, a finished quilt size 38½” x 50½” . The blocks can be used in a row to make a table runner, or rotate 4 blocks for a bunny merry go round playmat.bunny quilt pattern

Use spray starch when piecing for a crisp finish. Use the blocks to make a sweet mini wall quilt. The bunny blocks designed by Nadra Ridgeway of Ellis and Higgs, are easy to put together in a mini quilt. See her mini quilt pattern here.

bunny mini quilt

Use the pattern for the bunny block for all sorts of fun projects, such as this throw pillow. Bunny sits content on a patch of grass, surrounded by the prettiest colorful scrappy flower garden!

bunny quilt block throw pillow

Patterns available for these sweet Spring bunnies, designed by Nadra of Ellis and Higgs, are available as a mini quilt and baby quilt size, a delightful addition to any nursery.


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