Easy Six Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Six Pinwheel Baby Quilt Simply Size Up Charm Square Pinwheels

Pinwheels are so pretty for baby quilts. Try this baby quilt using the simplicity of six pinwheels sized up from a the usual charm square pinwheel block. Soft pinks and blue florals create a soft country charm.


It’s really easy sewing up a pinwheel with half square triangles, using charm squares. White is used against each colorful charm to define the pinwheel and creates a clean fresh look.

charm pack baby quilt with prairie points

Charm Pack Pinwheel

To make the quilt using six pinwheels size the squares up to 7 1/2″ and make the hst’s in the same way. There are no calculations available for the borders and backing for this quilt, but it  should be pretty easy to work out once the top is done. Use three strips for the borders. The first one in white to expand the background and play up the pinwheels.

moda charm pack florals baby quilt


The pinwheels are so soft made up in typical baby quilt colors. You’re sure to have similar colors in your stash, or else some pretty pink and blue florals. It will be easy to cut twenty four 7 1/2″” squares of fabric, with 12 of them being in white.

Shades of blue with white for the pinwheels are great for a newborn. Polka dot pinwheels are fun if the baby is a little older. The quilt sews up quick, especially with the bigger blocks. Quilt with stitch in the ditch for the pinwheels,with straight lines quilted along side the border for a little more texture. Kaye Prince of Miss Print used flannel for the backing giving the quilt a really snug feel, soft and warm.

charm pack baby quilt flannel backing

Any mom would love one of these pinwheel baby quilts. Kaye Prince used Vanessa Christenson’s super easy pinwheel technique. You’ll have a pretty, snuggly baby quilt in no time.


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