Charm Square Cheat Baby Quilt With Cozy Flannel Backing

Charm Square Baby Quilt Pretty, Soft and Warm.

This fun and friendly charm square baby quilt is great for a baby gift. Not to mention a charity quilt, especially becaus eof the speed and ease of sewing up this pretty quilt. A charm pack cheat since you on;y need two charm packs. There after 1 1/2 yards of neutral solid, and 2 1/2 yards of backing fabric. For the binding 2 /12 yards of stripe or fabric of your choice. You may even be able to get away with one charm square and cut some squares from the backing fabric, or stash. There are some great options with this little quilt. The design is simple and yet so appealing.


You’ll be using twenty five 5 inch charm squares to form the centre patchwork. The center square will work out to 23″ x 23″. Simply arrange them in a grid of 5 squares by 5 squares and stitch together in rows.The fabric just makes it. Simple yet fun and colorful, and becomes the main feature of the quilt! Piece the remaining charm square pieces into strips.  You will need 2 strips that are 2.5’’ x 37.5’’ and 2 strips that are 2.5’’ x 30’’. You can piece the strips together and trim to the desired length.


Quilt using your favorite method. Katie used the Serpentine on her Bernina or as she suggests, use free motion quilting stitch. For the binding cut six 2 1/2″ strips, stitch them together and bind. The finished quilt top measures around 44.5″ x 47.5″.

Soft flannel backing for this quilt made it so cozy and warm. The charm squares so soft and pretty against the light gray beckground. So simple and quick too.


There are some great backing ideas for this charm square baby quilt.



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