Falling Charms Quilt Romantic Quilting

Soft And Romantic Falling Charms Quilt.

This whole Falling Charms quilt is made by using just one block, a charm square with a border on two sides. The fabric is called Petalits by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit by Westminster Fabrics. To make a queensize quilt you’ll need four charm packs and one jelly roll, or a layer cake cut into fourths. If you have yardage you’ll need about three yards cut into 2 1/2 inch strips instead of using a jelly roll.

To start, chain piece the charm pack squares. Lay a strip down and stitch the charm squares on(about 1/4″ space in between) until the whole strip is full.

falling charms quilt block squaresOnce all charm squares are sewn onto the strips, trim the squares off and press the fabric open.
falling charms quilt block trimmingPlace the blocks down onto the next strip, and stitch all blocks on to the strips. Trim and press. Now you have your block with two borders.
sew the falling charms quilt block

falling charms quilt block

Lay the first block down with the border corner to the top and border on the right side. Then the next block the border corner will be at the bottom, with the border on your left side. When you lay your next piece out the two charms will touch, and the border corner will be at the top.The next block the border corner will be at the bottom again.
laying out blocks falling charms quiltThen the next block will start with the border on the left side, the block next to that will have the charm square beside it with the border corner at the top and on the right side, and so on…

two rows falling charms quilt You’ll see how it creates the stagger down.
falling charms quilt patternYou can create a totally different feel by simply using a different fabric.
falling charms quilt different fabricWatch this five minute video to give you the full details.

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