Festival Of Trees New And Exciting Christmas Wall Quilt

A Christmas Wall Quilt Quick And Easy.

This Christmas wall quilt will brighten an Christmas decor. If you love bright colors for your Christmas decor then this is the perfect design. However, you may love the design, but possible prefer more traditonal seasonal colors. The quilt is gorgeous, simply make it in the colors of your choice. I can see this quilt in tradional reds and greens, with snowflake or any holiday print for the border. The tree blocks are so effective. Keep the trees green, using mixes of green solids and print as shown in the pattern image. Do the backgound in white, or white snowflake print.

The finished blocks are 11 1/4″ x 15″ perfect to showcase the framed Christmas trees. What fun embellishing and decorating the jewel toned trees. This tree quilt would likely be the feature in the room.

I find the yellow to be a little over powering, yet in the right decor, would be absolutely stunning. It’spromised to be a quick and project, so you might find there’s still time to complete the quilt comfortably. Fabric scraps in a mix of colors should work out well for the decorations.


Fabric requirements are minimal with alot of choice for mix and match. Imagine finishing this project and hanging up on the wall along with your Christmas decor. Very appealing.


Finished quilt: 48-1⁄4×59-1⁄2″. Designer: Linda Lum Debono