Handy Quilting Terms To Keep On Hand

Great When Learning From Quilting Classes, Video’s and Tutorials

As a beginner a good start is to watch how-to quilting videos, sign up for Quilting classes, and join sewing groups. Patterns with exciting feature quilts on the cover, usually come with all of the necessary sizes for cutting, and instructions for sewing and construction included. However when following these super easy instructions, it’s a great help to reference quilting terms when suddenly there’s an abbreviation or acronym used.


We put together two lists that just about cover every quilting term that may come up in patterns, sewing class and quilting tutorials. It certainly helps out the situation and reduces the amount of blank stares in quilt groups, and will also give you more confidence in quilting classes. Spend a little time becoming as familiar as possible with the terms and definitions, however, some are not easy to remember.

Most make sense, such as Batting, but then what about ‘Bearding’? Bearding is when fibres from the batting come up through the quilt top. Natural batting is often a favorite because it does not ‘beard’. Loft is another word for thickness.

quilting terms disappearing 4 patch

A nine patch quilt is great fun and especially easy for beginners, however, mention a disappearing nine patch and it’s a whole new adventure. A disappearing nine patch is also a beginner’s quilt, is made by cutting up a nine patch into four quarters, putting them into different positions, and piecing the blocks all over again. You have many layout options in this quilt pattern.

A great list can be found from Accuquilt, which also includes some interesting quilting acronyms! The word STASH is the perfect shortened version for ‘Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden’. There’s also SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy! And TGIF = Thank God It’s Finished!

A list provided by National Quilters Circle is a great leap forward, especially if you are planning a quilting class, or have chosen to learn from quilting videos.


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