Heart Mug Rugs For Anytime Of Year

Change Heart Blocks To Words For Each Occasion.

These pretty mug rugs can be made with scraps and they’re handy for almost any table top that needs protecting. Just the right size for a mug of hot cocoa and a snack, why not make the prettiest ones around.


A symbol of love, the hearts can be used for many themes and occasions. Dig through scraps of all colors and prints for each ‘half heart’ and put them together. Use neutrals for the background square, and colorful florals and prints for the hearts. The hearts can be patched from just one, or two different fabrics. Choose colors for the occasion and keep them on hand for gifts.

valentine mug rug

scrappy hearts mug rug

It’s fun putting scraps together to stitch up the prettiest hearts. Use the same fabric for the background squares and straight line quilt. Mug rugs made with love and fabric scraps are wonderful gifts. Quick fuse appliqué for the hearts, hand sew or machine stitch.

quilted hearts mug rug

Personalize for a special friend or family member, and substitute the top row of hearts with appliqued alphabets. Handy for everyone, these mug rugs look great on a table or desk. Display on the wall or as a small table mat. Make one for yourself, and an extra for a friend.

heart mug mum


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