Holiday Quilt With Stars And Pinwheels For Your Christmas Quilt

Pinwheels And Stars Are Perfect For Your Holiday Quilt.

Stars for Christmas and pinwheels for fun. this holiday quilt is perfect for the Christmas season. The design is so versatile this quilt would be great for all year round too. Since it is such a busy time of year with festivities taking up more time, especially on the weekends, it would be most beneficial to see how to cut 8 at a time half square triangls.

Pinwheels are made using half square tringles. Save heaps of time with cutting 8 at a time half square triangles and make up your pinwheel blocks for this holiday quilt in no time.

The mix of stars and pinwheels create a ‘flurry’ of design, and will sure to be a great addition to your holiday decor. Red stars are so fitting for the Christmas season. Makes a very throw over your sofa complimenting the festive decor.


With a skill rating of ‘Intermediate’ with a little experience this quilt with come together quite nicely and the results very appealing. No need to stick with red. Use your choice of fabric and enjoy the design.


This little 3 minute video shows exactly how to make 8 at a time triangle squares. Some great tips in this video to help towards the success of your holiday quilt.

Watch this video for some great tips on making the triangle squares , perfect for the pinwheel blocks for this quilt project. HSTs are versatile and allow quilters to explore more creative avenues when piecing. Quilting Basics: Half-Square Triangle Blocks, Pillows & Quilts.