Holly, Cherries and Polka Dots For Your Holiday Log Cabin Quilt

Add Scraps Of Any Fabric You Like To Your Log Cabin.

If you’re thinking passed your autumn fabric it’ll soon be time to start those Christmas quilt patterns. Round up your fabric scraps and apply your everyday quilting skills to make a Christmas log cabin quilt. Find a variety of options with holly, cherries and polka dots. Using scraps make a great cost-effective gorgeous block that you’ll love, and its a Christmas quilt pattern you can start on right away.



When you’re ready to start on those full-sized Christmas quilt patterns they’ll brim with homemade charm.

holly berries polka dot fabric


christmas music print quilting fabric

Add a fabric strip or two with Holiday Wishes print which you can find here and here . That Christmas music fabric adds a special touch which can be found here and here. Then celebrate the simple beauty of a classic quilt design. Light and dark values are used to create this quilt. Use a contrasting dark square to center the colorful strips.

holly cherries fabric christmas quilt

log cabin quilt Christmas Fabric


Renee from Sewn with Grace created this charming log cabin using Christmas evergreens. Use any prints in red and green with the addition of Holiday prints if you choose.

quilting fabric Christmas

Here is a detailed log cabin tutorial with layout instructions including cutting and stitching, as well as a coloring block to download. The tutorial is very detailed, rich with tips and tricks, spread over 3 pages to click through. It’s almost a mini course in log cabins!

The Christmas log cabin quilt pattern is available for purchase.

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