How To Make A Quilt Label Out Of Fabric Extra Special

And What To Say On Your Label

This method of adding a label to your quilt is completely painless. After you get your label printed learn how to add a border and a backing to it to sew to the back of the quilt by hand. Then try a couple of these ideas to put the message together in a way that really counts.



Start by writing down some ideas as to what to say. Besides the message, it’s makes the quilt extra special saying who the quilt was made by, and when. The quilt will be treasured with fond memories of the time they received this beautiful gift!

how to make fabric quilt labels

This method is quick and easy, and the creative frame is a nice addition. It’s fun to hand pick the special border. You will need to get special fabric paper that runs through your printer, which you can find here.

You can easily make your own fabric paper using freezer paper which can be ironed on the wrong side of your label fabric. Set printer paper settings to ‘Thick’ or ‘Heavy Weight’ to print. See how to make your own fabric paper here.

Diane Harris of National Quilters Circle has a lovely idea to add a backing to the label. While the backing won’t be seen, use a coordinated fabric as there will be a little that peeps out.

In her video Diane shows how to get started on your label, provides ideas for the layout of your message, and shows how to add an extra special finish to your quilt label.


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