How To Make Wonky Quilt Blocks For Mr. Fox Wearing A Bow Tie

Wonky Quilt Blocks Are Best For Mr. Fox

Like owls, Mr. Fox is very ‘in’, and not just for kids. When you find Mr. Fox and he’s wearing a bow tie and glasses to add, these trendy fabrics are great for fussy cutting and putting into wonky quilt blocks. Find an easy wonky block pattern and the cutest fox and it will all work out beautifully!

There’s something about a wonky quilt block that gets you into a fun creative mood. Start selecting cute fabrics and then there’s no stopping!

fox quilt blocks wonky log cabin pattern

The wonky block quilt pattern here is from a wonky log cabin quilt pattern. Simply fussy cut large enough to fill the log strips, and use the border of the log cabin block as the frame for Mr. Fox.

fox quilt blocks fussy cut

One wonky block quilt pattern can be used for almost any theme so it’s a really handy pattern to have on hand. Use for kids quilts, humorous wall hangings and even trendy florals like huge yellow dahlias or sunflowers.

Thess quilt blocks are 10 inches square – when you print out this pattern, make to sure to leave AT LEAST a 1/4 inch seam allowance beyond the actual pattern. Paper-piecing makes the pattern shrink.
Link to print further down the page.

quilt blocks for a fox quilt

Find something in your stash and simply fussy cut the best parts to put into the wonky. So easy and a really fun quilt anyone can make.

With a little experience you could work out how to sew the blocks together and finish the quilt. Or else purchase a log cabin quilt with wonky blocks and place the fox and other cutee fussy cuts in the block.

foxy quilt blocks fussy cut


This log cabin quilt pattern will provide the block. It is a complete pattern from start to finish which is great. Wow, it’s also a lovely quilt!

log cabin quilt blocks


Here is the adorable fox fabric should you decide to go ‘foxy’. Fabric available here.

fox fabric for quilt blocks

Print the wonky block here.

How to paper piece a quilt block here.

Or else there is the log cabin full pattern available for purchase (the green one above) .

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