How To Mark Your Quilt Using Golden Threads Quilting Paper

No Need To Mark Your Quilt

The light golden color of Golden Threads quilting paper insures ease of use with light-colored fabrics, while being translucent enough to see through for accurate placement. It also acts as a stabilizer for all fabrics, and tears away easily after stitching. However, if you have ever wondered about the difference between using Golden Threads quilting paper, and using inexpensive tissue paper, or freezer paper, get a good look at these tests and try outs, then decide which one works best for you.


Golden Threads is very thin, with considerable strength for handling, yet tears away almost without a trace of paper to have to tweezer out. Use it for quilting designs and for foundation piecing patterns. You can easily draw or trace your quilting design on the paper using a water washable marker, then stitch right over it, eliminating the need to mark the quilt.

quilting with Golden Threads quilting paper

When running the paper through the printer, the paper comes out looking slightly ruffled because it’s so thin, but there is no distortion of the design. Initially the ink appears as though it wants to smear, but soon dries enough not to smear with handling. To use with a printer, cut into 8 1/2″ strips and feed through the printer. The paper works well in ink jet printers, and as most ink jets are water soluble, it’s very convenient to print off quilt designs and even pantograms.

It’s found to be faster than marking a quilt with great results drawing your quilt design free hand for borders. You can find out more about how to use Golden Threads quilting paper here.

Watch Leah Day’s video showing the difference between quilting using Golden Threads paper and tissue paper for your quilting.


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