How To Use Quilting Rulers Properly

Learn How To Use Quilting Rulers, Get Those Angles and Save Fabric

No matter what width your long ruler is, it will still have the same markings. Diagonal lines are for making all those unusual cuts with 45 degree angles, and 60 degrees for example, provide a great guide for hexagons. These quick tips will show you how to line up your fabric along these lines to give you the angle that you want, and  halve cutting time.



Once you know what the lines and hash markings are for, you can quickly and easily cut many different sizes of squares with one larger ruler by utilizing the center diagonal line on a square ruler. Selecting the right ruler can help save you time and money, however once you figure out what type of quilting ruler you are most comfortable using, you will find that you can do most of your cuts with just that one ruler.

how to use quilting rulers for angles

Maple Cottage Designs
Heather Thomas shows the markings, where they are and how to use them, as well as a fast method for cutting half square triangles from precuts with no waste.

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