How To Sew A Zipper Pouch – No Zipper Jams

How To Sew A Zipper Pouch And Totally Relax Over The Zipper.

There’s something about a zipper pouch that always makes you feel like you want one. Making up a pouch is quick and doesn’t present any challenges. It’s a comfortable Saturday afternoon project, with instant rewards. Even better to find an uncomplicated video tutorial showing you exactly how to sew a zipper pouch.

Even less stress knowing there’s no cost involved. If you have some left over fabric, get it out. Put it to good use. There’s always something that you can use a zipper pouch for.

how to sew a zipper pouch pattern

Or what a great excuse to go to the fabric store and be choosey about the fabric for your new project. Can’t think of anything nicer. Ok, moving on…

This zipper pouch tutorial is simple and straight forward which is why I enjoyed it so much, and you will too. Especially the zipper install. Once you see how it’s put in… the technique… it’s so simple and straight forward. Suddenly the pouch is complete and its looks great. The zipper just finger tip slides back and forth. Not crooked, no snagging… the fabric of the pouch lies flat. Great feel.

how to sew a zipper pouch tutorial

Enjoy this video tutorial on how to sew a zipper pouch.

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