Jelly Roll Strips Add Texture To Triangles

Pieced jelly Strips Make Striking Triangles

Combines strip sets and half square triangles together into one gorgeously simple design. It’s scrappy but with a defined crisp feel, simply put together with a collection of 2 1/2″ strips.



Quilt with triangles and beautiful fabrics, the modern quilting lines are so fun and really add texture to this cutting corners quilt. By sewing random strips together and trimming the block, the fabric in the triangles switch back and forth.

jelly roll quilt with half square triangles

Sew together 5 random jelly strips, add a square of white and cut on the diagonal to create hst’s. The direction of the strips don’t matter, or choose a uniform layout if you prefer.

Create a modern feel with the white for the background, and bring the Sevilla Blues fabrics to life. Or choose your favorite jelly roll and accent with the a solid to make colors pop.

In the video, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co, provides cutting and sewing instructions to make a stunning jelly roll quilt cutting corners!

The modern look makes it a beautiful throw for a wedding gift, or great for a house warming gift. Gift one to yourself for the back of the sofa and brighten up the decor.

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