Simple Diamond Quilt Any Size Just Add Diamonds

Diamond Quilt Made Easy Just A Few Extra Pins Make It Extra Easy.

This diamond quilt looks so fresh with white sashing between the floral diamonds. Fussy cut some of the 12″ squares to make your favorite floral pieces peep. It’s fun laying put the diamonds and arranging them until you love the design.

If wanting to make the quilt larger simply add more diamonds on the side. When preparing the diamond template as shown in the pattern, you can make increase the size of the diamond too.

diamond quiltwhite sashing

To make a 33″ x 96cm quilt you will need a total of 44 diamonds cut from 12″ squares. 6 of the diamonds will be cut in half horizontally, and 4 will be cut in half vertically. So this will make a cute little baby quilt. Any fabric or print will be suitable for the diamonds, but the florals do look vey good somehow. It looks great and there’s no border. Quilt and bind.

how to bind a diamond quilt

diamond quilt baby

Johanna from Jona&Lili have come up with this super easy tutorial. Don’t be afraid of the diamonds, simply be prepared to use more pins than usual. Go ahead and give this pretty diamond quilt a try.