Lattice Quilt Pattern Without The Paper Piecing

Lattice Quilt Pattern Easy Breezy

This lattice pattern included four different quilt patterns using this block. It seems the pattern was originally on Craftsy and Esty, but now no longer available. Instead I’ve found the original tutorial where it all started! Thanks to Kati, using her guide and some creativity of our own, perhaps we can figure out four quilt patterns from this one Lattice block ourselves.

The tutorial leads us to at least three different Lattice quilt ideas. Fabric used for the backing of each quilt is very inspiring. It’s amazing what fabric choice can do.

The quilt top is so refreshing with it’s wide open spaces. It could well be called ‘breezy’.

lattice quilt pattern rich roseberry fabric colors

The biggest challenge when making these blocks without paper piecing is lining everything up.  This is also the most critical part to making the quilt look good.  Kati modified her 6.5″ square ruler for this step.  It’s helpful to have a ruler this size or slightly larger for the trimming step.

how to make the block for the lattice quilt pattern


When deciding on the final design, remember to have an even number of blocks for the height and width.  This allows your design to remain consistent.

lattice quilt pattern tutorial


Here’s a Lattice quilt completed. Filling in some squares optional.

lattice quilt pattern some blocks filled


Here a total turn about in fabric, but look at the background peeping through the lattices.

lattice quilt pattern with dark lines

This is the back.

lattice quilt pattern ideas for the backing


Here, the same lattice quilt pattern, extra large lattices!. This is a baby quilt at 36″ square and literally took 24 hours to make. Paper piecing was used for this pattern. Small quilts are a fun change of pace.

lattice quilt pattern large lattice spaces


The bold backing is just delirious., matching the huge lattices of the front.

lattice quilt pattern backing fabric ideas


While the Lattice pattern is not available, here is a book on ‘Garden Lattice Quilts In A Day’ for a small fee. It’s a nice addition to this tutorial.

garden lattice quilts in a day eleanor burns

Enjoy the tutotorial…

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